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Email Scam Alert

Please be advised that there are a number of email messages being sent purportedly on our behalf asking for banking information.  None of these emails are legitimate as we will never ask for your banking information so please disregard all messages.  Emails are often from a gmail account ( under the alias of Sister Mary Beth McCurdy but these are not legitimate in any way.    

Please disregard all messages and do not send any banking information. These messages should be reported to authorities in your country.


This year marks the sombre 75th anniversary of atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan on Aug. 6 and 9, 1945.  Throughout the nuclear era, Canada has participated heavily in the global nuclear cycle, in part by selling radioactive uranium internationally.  Both nuclear-generated electricity and nuclear weapons rely on uranium as fuel. Click Here for the full story.


Eliminating Systemic Racism

Listen, learn and act: Together eliminating systemic racism. A message against racism from the CRC. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Chantel Moore, Rodney Levi and Regis Korchinski-Paquet died violent deaths in the past three months in incidents involving police. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor were members of Black communities in the United States. Chantel Moore, Rodney Levi and Regis Korchinski-Paquet come from Indigenous and Black communities in Canada.   CLICK HERE for the full message.



Praise to You, God of the Universe! Generously, You created all people in your image and likeness. Together with many other species, we delight to express your beauty and wisdom.  CLICK HERE for the full prayer


Captain Jennifer Casey

We celebrate the life of Captain Jennifer Casey of the Canadian Snowbirds. We join with the people of Nova Scotia for your loss and pain.


TUKTOYAKTUK UPDATE (Surviving Covid-19!)

God is always calling his people. God speaks today... What does this mean for the Inuvialuit people of the Western Arctic? Read More Here

Nova Scotia Stronger Together

GOD DOES NOT ABANDON US. A message of solidarity to the communities affected by the shootings in Nova Scotia Read More Here

Support for the Wet’suwet’en Nation

In keeping with an approach initiated by the Federation of Sisters of Saint Joseph of Canada, the Canadian Religious Conference (CRC) is challenging the Government of Canada concerning two delicate situations: one concerns the Wet’suwet’en Nation and the other is the Frontier Oil Sands Mine Project, proposed by Teck Resources. Read More Here

A Message to Youth from Religious Communities in Canada

“We are religious, sisters long committed to social justice, climate justice and peace.  We write this letter to thank you for your courageous leadership. #WeHearYou about the climate emergency! We embrace the sacredness of Earth and all creatures.  With you, we uphold their right to flourish, with not one being left behind.”  Read More Here

Week of Christian Unity

On Tuesday, January 21, Sisters, Associates and friends gathered in Carmel Chapel for a service to celebrate Christian Unity Week.  Sisters Irene Buechler and Roma DeRobertis organized the service which included the reading from Acts 28 by MaryBeth McCurdy, scic and Reverend Phillip Lee. As Elder Shelia Croteau drummed,  oars representing reconciliation, enlightenment, hope, strength, trust, hospitality, conversion and generosity were placed in the boat.

The gathering emphasized the plight of refugees and migrants today and the necessity to work together as women and men of faith who believe in the dignity of every person and the need to provide welcome, safety and security. See pictures HERE

Radiance CD

Songs of Theresa Hucul, scic
Out of the Heart of Creation

Radiance is the 5th Album of Composer Theresa Hucul released in 2019. It includes 12 of her 90 compositions out of her experience of creation, ministry in Vancouver, Edmonton and the Maritimes, where she is now located. This Album, in Song with 25 Voices, Cello, Violin, Guitar and Keyboard, is recorded by Mike Boyer, Saint John.

Included in Radiance is a Song by American composer Carolyn McDade,  Ronald Krisman of ICEL and Gordon Johnston, Ottawa

CD  $15.00
Large Book $8.00
Small Book $6.00

To Purchase Please Contact Us at:
Phone: 506-642-3152


Statement by Canada’s Catholic Sisters Regarding the Climate Emergency

On this World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, leaders of Canada’s 64 Congregations of Catholic Sisters are calling on the country’s politicians to respond to the climate emergency declared by Parliament by taking concrete steps to avert it. Read More...



SAINT JOHN – Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception (SCIC) joyfully celebrated 165 years of grace and gratitude at Ruth Ross Residence Oct. 17-20 among Associates, family members, staff and friends. “May these four days of festival release within and among us a renewed sense of God’s providence, surprise and ever-unfolding presence over 165 years,”
said Sister Mary Beth McCurdy as the Festival of Thanksgiving began in Carmel Chapel. Read More...

Saint Thomas University Visit

On Thursday, November 14, Jodi Misheal (Vice-President, Advancement and Alumni Relations for Saint Thomas University in Fredericton,NB) and student Matthew Oram visited the Sisters in Carmel Chapel.

They shared how the Sister Elizabeth Legere Emergency Fund has been dispersed in the past year. From tuition and textbooks, accommodations and food~these were only a few mentioned that the fund was used to assist students to cover emergency situations in their academic year.

Sister Legere was a longtime teacher at the University and well loved by both students and staff. Famous for her fudge, hot chocolate and unwavering dedication to the men’s hockey team, she left a legacy of kindness, compassion, wisdom and inspiration.

Jodi and Mathew also presented the Sisters with a framed greeting from the University for our 165 Anniversary.

Pictured: (left to right~ Matthew Oram, Sister MaryBeth McCurdy Jodi Mishael)



Sister Elizabeth Legere Tribute

I am sure that for many St Thomas Alumni glancing through the last bulletin, the announcement of Sister Elizabeth Legere’s death would have gone virtually unnoticed.  However, for those of us who attended STU between 1970 and 1980, those few lines in the condolences column had a much greater significance. CLICK HERE to Read the Full Tribute

ATRI Conference
September 27-30, Calgary, AB.

“Make It Happen, Make It Matter” Sister Janet Mock, CSJ.

The Association of Treasures of Religious Institutes gathered in Calgary, Alberta for their annual conference. The guest speaker was Sister Janet Mock, CSJ, a Sister of St. Joseph of Baden, Pennsylvania. She invited the participants to reflect on the “WHAT and the HOW of what you do. This will help you “make it happen”. The WHY of what you do, the Mission underlying your work is what makes it matter. We are talking about “matters that matter”. She framed her presentations around the work of Walter Brueggemann entitled Reality, Grief, Hope:Three Urgent Prophetic Tasks. “We must name our current reality, grieve what must be grieved for its own sake-but also in order to be free to engage …in the task before us: to hope in God who always comes to us from the future…the God who draws us forward.”

Pictured: left to right front~Sisters Anita Holmes, Anita Naves, MaryBethMcCurdy, back~Pat Poole and Mrs Debbie Montgomery.


Celebrating the life of Sister Angie Martz

The Council of Canadians community mourns the passing of our dear friend Sister Angie Martz. A lifelong activist, teacher and spiritual leader for many across generations in her community of Saint John, NB, Sister Angie remained active and engaged in advancing social justice until her final days.

“Angie was and will continue to be my guiding light,” said Leticia Adair, friend, member of the Saint John Chapter and former Council board member. “One of the founding members of our Chapter, Angie was always present at meetings, participating in actions and writing letters. Water rights and working on behalf of refugees was close to her heart. Her faith, firm resolve and commitment to justice, has sustained and guided us for the past 30 years. I will miss her dearly.”

At our 2009 annual general meeting held in Saint John, the Council presented Sister Angie with the Maude Barlow Founder’s Award in recognition of her tremendous contribution to the Council and of her life's work.

“Those who care for peace and justice lost a dear friend with the passing of Sister Angie,” said Maude Barlow, friend and Honorary Chair of the Council. “She touched everyone she met with her passion, humour and love. When I last visited her, she held my hand in silent prayer and I walked for days surrounded by a feeling of safety, secure in the blessing of Sister Angie. We honoured Angie several years ago with our Founder’s Award and she honoured us by accepting it. A remarkable role model of a life well lived."

As eloquently said in her obituary, “anyone who met Sister Angie knew of her passion for social justice and her care for creation.  She had a wide circle of friends from all walks of life and tradition and she will be deeply missed.”

Pictured: Sister Angie Martz accepting her Founder’s Award from Maude Barlow at the Council of Canadians’ 2009 annual general meeting


New Brunswick Medical Education Foundation

On August 15th, 2019, the NBMEF awarded their scholarships to medical students from across the province. In May, the Foundation had announced that the first Sisters of Charity scholarship would be in memory of Sister Margaret Vickers. It was their wish to recognize her many contributions to health care in New Brunswick.  Present at the reception were two of her nieces, Mary Park and Margaret Senna.The recipient of the  scholarship was Samantha Rogers, from Moncton NB, a student beginning her first year of medical studies in Saint John.

Pictured 1: (left to right~ Sisters Anita Naves,Anita Holmes, Samantha Rogers,  Sisters Charlotte Vickers and Pat Poole)

Pictured 2: (Left to right~ Margaret Senna, Sister Charlotte Vickers, scic and Mary  Park)

Sisters of Charity Federation Assembly of the Whole

On June 13-16, 550 Sisters of Charity in the Federation gathered in Chicago for the first ever Assembly of the Whole. The  theme was Weaving Together Unstoppable Charity.

The  federation  consists of 14 congregations with some 2,650 sisters serving in 26 countries. There are also 1,900 associates and affiliates to the communities. The gathering drew attendees from seven countries. Speakers, panels and workshops addressed issues of social and ecological justice, particularly for those living in poverty and on the margins.

(left to right ~Front~ Anita Holmes and Mae Arsenault, Middle~ Gertrude Mulholland and Muriel Buckley, Back~ Mary Ann Maxwell, Mary Beth McCurdy and Pat Poole)


Festival of Enculturation

On June 20th, with  joy and gratitude, Sisters, Associates and friends welcomed Elder Imelda Perley to share her sacred teachings of the Mi”Kmaq, in anticipation of National Indigenous Peoples Day, June on 21st.

“Imelda Perley (Opolahsomuwehs) is Wolastoqew (Maliseet) from Tobique First Nation, St. Mary’s First Nation and Houlton Band of Maliseets (United States). She was appointed as Elder-in-Residence at the University of New Brunswick and retired in April,2019. Her traditional roles within the community include Sweatlodge Keeper, Medicine Wheel Teacher, Sacred Pipe Carrier and Keeper of the Women’s Ceremonies.

She is founder and coordinator of the Wolastoq Language and Culture Centers Inc., situated at Tobique and St. Mary’s First Nations.” Imelda taught Maliseet language and Wabanaki Worldview courses at University of New Brunswick and University of Maine. Along with her husband David, they have contributed many years advancing and promoting their culture and traditions.” (University of New Brunswick)

The day included a sharing on Our Lady of Guadalupe with Graydon and Beth Nicholas. It was a day to celebrate and experience the richness of many Mi’kmaq traditions.
(Photo~ David and Imelda Perley, with Beth and Graydon Nicholas)


Religious of Atlantic Canada

On May 17-19, members from  the Atlantic congregations gathered for the annual RAC Conference at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, NS. This year’s theme was “Planting the Future” and was facilitated by Maureen Wilde,SC.The weekend offered time to reflect and share on the wonder of creation and the Universe story. It is also a time of connection and support for those living in Atlantic Canada.

(Left to right~Pat Poole,scic Maureen Wilde,SC, Celine Beliveau, NDSC, and Helene Allain, NDSC)


Laudato Si Monthly Gathering

For  several years, a group of Sisters and Associates has gathered at Saint Vincent Residence to reflect on Pope Francis’ Encyclical “ Laudato Si” (Care for our Common Home). The group was begun by Muriel Buckley, scic and Associate, the late David Lewis. In April, a  group welcomed a local Saint John activist, Gordon Dalzell.

( rt. Audette Richard, scic, Associate Myra Murphy, Gordon Dalzell, Muriel Buckley, scic and Margaret MacLean, scic)


UISG Gathering in Rome

Sister Mary Beth McCurdy, scic, attended the International Union  Superiors General  gathering in Rome from May 6-10th. This year’s  theme was Sowers of Prophetic Hope. With 850 Congregational Leaders from around the world, the Sisters reflected on several issues and topics in the Church and Religious Life today. These included: advocating for women, interculturality, environmental action, clergy abuse and interreligious dialogue. The keynote address, given by Sister Teresa Maya, a Sister of Charity of the Incarnate Word, spoke of the future of religious life and its current challenges.   She explored the theme of how women religious can be “women of vision, seers of hope”. The gathering  included a dialogue with Pope Francis on the role of women in the Church.


KAIROS Atlantic Gathering
“Streams of Justice”

On May 2-5, KAIROS Atlantic gathered at Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB, offering workshops on Ecological Justice, Indigenous Rights, Women of Courage, Migrant Justice and the Blanket Exercise. In addition to the information and discussions, the participants took  the opportunity to join students from the town in their Youth Climate Change Walk. The Blanket Exercise was open to the community and drew 170 people, of all faiths, traditions and ages. It was followed by smaller Talking Circles with Elders.

Pictured: {Left to right~ Muriel Buckley,scic, Pat Poole,scic,Marjorie Allison-Ross and Anna Rowell (CND Associates) and Amy Brierley ( Justice Co-ordination for Sisters of St. Martha, Antigonish, NS)}


Catholic Health Alliance of Canada Conference

The annual conference of the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada  was held in Banff, AB on May 15-17. The theme was “Towards a Leadership Role in Mental Health and Addictions~Serving Vulnerable Populations”.Three Sisters of Charity and members of the staffs of Ruth Ross Residence, Rocmaura Nursing Home, St. Joseph’s Hospital, and Catholic Health International attended.
Photo (left to right: Michelle McNeil, Kathy Hurley, Sheana Mohra, Anita Holmes, scic, Mae Arsenault, scic, Jeanne Marie Dionne, Louise Arsenault, scic, David Levangie)



On the Feast of St. Louise de Marillac, Sisters and Associates gathered in Carmel Chapel at Ruth Ross  to view  “Tapestry in Time Part Two”, a PowerPoint presentation created by Lex Stephenson. She highlighted the Sisters’ ministry in Venosta, Quebec, Johnville, NB and Coburg Street in Saint John. Not only was it informative, but it gave many of the Sisters a chance to reminisce about their time in these missions and the people they met along the way.


New Brunswick Medical Education Foundation

The  New Brunswick Medical Education Foundation announced that their first scholarship to be granted in August from an  endowment made to the Foundation by the Sisters of Charity  will be in memory of Sister Margaret Vickers. They wish to recognize her  many years of visionary creativity  and ministry  in Health Administration in the province. The ceremony was held at the Saint John Regional Hospital on May 9th with Sisters and family attending. It is a fitting tribute to Sr. Margaret’s lasting contributions to Health Care in New Brunswick in particular.
Photo Kevin Googan (left to right: Dr. Donald Craig, Anita Naves,scic,Anita Holmes,scic, Charlotte Vickers, scic, Pat Poole, scic and nieces Anne Connelly and Mary Park) 


Development and Peace

Sisters of Charity Associates and Sisters gathered in Carmel Chapel on April 10th to recognize this year’s Development and Peace “Share the Journey” theme with the “Symbols of Solidarity” ritual.

The symbols  emphasize the migrant crisis in our world today. The United Nations estimates that 68.5 million of our brothers and sisters were forced to leave their homeland as a result of war, civil unrest and climate change. Associates Sharon Jacquard, Mary Matheson, Mike Campbell, Linda Pye and Sister Irene Buechler led the ritual.

A pair of old shoes symbolized the road traveled by forced migrants, a backpack for their precarious situation, a life jacket for the dangers and difficulties during their journey and a dish of food to be shared symbolizing the culture of encounter and the connections between the forced migrants and members of their host community.

Photo ( Left to rt. Mary Matheson, Irene Buechler, scic, Linda Pye, Sharon Jacquard and Mike Campbell)



The Price of Free

On Saturday, March 2, many Sisters and Associates gathered in Carmel Chapel

to watch the award-winning film “The Price of Free”. The documentary follows the Nobel Peace Laureate, Kailash Satyarthi , in his mission to end child labor. It tells the story of countless children who are forced into slave labor due to rising global demands for cheap goods. He founded Bachpan Bachao Andolan(Save the Childhood Movement) to rescue children from the shackles of slavery. In the decades since, he has rescued more than 87,000 children and built a global movement including one of the largest civil society movements, the Global March Against Child Labor that demanded an international law on the worst forms of child labor, and the 100 Million Campaign, a youth-driven call to action ensuring every child in the world is free, safe and educated.

Following the film,  a petition was signed  to the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau (Minister of International Development and LaFrancophonie),encouraging her to continue the discussion in Parliament concerning legislation for companies doing business in Canada to be transparent in their chain of goods supply.

I call on everyone to watch this film and work with us in creating a world where all children are free, healthy, safe and educated — a world where every child is free to be a child. For if any child is not free then none of us are free.” - KAILASH SATYARTHI

Bottom Photo: (Left to right-MaryAnn Kneeland,Pat Poole,scic, Sharon Jacquard, Irene Buechler,scic,Audette Richard, Back~MaryLou Reid)


Saint John Muslim Community

On Sunday, March 24th, the Saint John Muslim Community held a time of prayer, welcome and blessing in memory of all the victims and survivors of the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15th. It was a symbol of profound solidarity as over 250 people gathered in the small Islamic Centre Mosque on the Old Rothesay Road.Representatives from federal, provincial, municipal government,  law enforcement and  first responders, as well as from every faith tradition, expressed their support for the community as they mourn the loss of their brothers and sisters.

( Pictured left to right: Pat Poole, scic, Rasha Alhamwi, Saint John City Police Inspector Tanya LeBlanc, Reham Alnatour, Muriel Buckley,scic)