The Sisters of Charity I.C. and Associates seek to offer their assistance wherever the “Spirit of Charity” unfolds. If you’d like to be the first to learn “What’s New,” please be sure to check back often.


Development and Peace

Sisters of Charity Associates and Sisters gathered in Carmel Chapel on April 10th to recognize this year’s Development and Peace “Share the Journey” theme with the “Symbols of Solidarity” ritual.

The symbols  emphasize the migrant crisis in our world today. The United Nations estimates that 68.5 of our brothers and sisters were forced to leave their homeland as a result of war, civil unrest and climate change. Associates Sharon Jacquard, Mary Matheson, Mike Campbell, Linda Pye and Sister Irene Buechler led the ritual.

A pair of old shoes symbolized the road traveled by forced migrants, a backpack for their precarious situation, a life jacket for the dangers and difficulties during their journey and a dish of food to be shared symbolizing the culture of encounter and the connections between the forced migrants and members of their host community.

Photo ( Left to rt. Mary Matheson, Irene Buechler, scic, Linda Pye, Sharon Jacquard and Mike Campbell)



The Price of Free

On Saturday, March 2, many Sisters and Associates gathered in Carmel Chapel

to watch the award-winning film “The Price of Free”. The documentary follows the Nobel Peace Laureate, Kailash Satyarthi , in his mission to end child labor. It tells the story of countless children who are forced into slave labor due to rising global demands for cheap goods. He founded Bachpan Bachao Andolan(Save the Childhood Movement) to rescue children from the shackles of slavery. In the decades since, he has rescued more than 87,000 children and built a global movement including one of the largest civil society movements, the Global March Against Child Labor that demanded an international law on the worst forms of child labor, and the 100 Million Campaign, a youth-driven call to action ensuring every child in the world is free, safe and educated.

Following the film,  a petition was signed  to the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau (Minister of International Development and LaFrancophonie),encouraging her to continue the discussion in Parliament concerning legislation for companies doing business in Canada to be transparent in their chain of goods supply.

I call on everyone to watch this film and work with us in creating a world where all children are free, healthy, safe and educated — a world where every child is free to be a child. For if any child is not free then none of us are free.” - KAILASH SATYARTHI

Bottom Photo: (Left to right-MaryAnn Kneeland,Pat Poole,scic, Sharon Jacquard, Irene Buechler,scic,Audette Richard, Back~MaryLou Reid)


Saint John Muslim Community

On Sunday, March 24th, the Saint John Muslim Community held a time of prayer, welcome and blessing in memory of all the victims and survivors of the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15th. It was a symbol of profound solidarity as over 250 people gathered in the small Islamic Centre Mosque on the Old Rothesay Road.Representatives from federal, provincial, municipal government,  law enforcement and  first responders, as well as from every faith tradition, expressed their support for the community as they mourn the loss of their brothers and sisters.

( Pictured left to right: Pat Poole, scic, Rasha Alhamwi, Saint John City Police Inspector Tanya LeBlanc, Reham Alnatour, Muriel Buckley,scic)


Write for Rights campaign
Many Sisters and Associates gathered on December 3rd at Ruth Ross Residence to take part in Amnesty International’s  Write for Rights campaign. This year’s campaign ran from November 29, International Women Human Rights Defenders Day until December 20th, International Human Solidarity Day. The  ten highlighted cases were all women who have been imprisoned or killed for defending basic dignity and human rights. Many letters were written to the country’s leader and the Ambassador in Ottawa. In addition, postcards were sent to our Minister of International Development and La Francophonie to continue funding  Uganda which has welcomed over 900,000 refugees from South Sudan fleeing serious human rights abuses.

Peace Medallion Breakfast
YMCA Peace Medallion Breakfast November 21st.  (Left~Sisters Anita Holmes, Muriel Buckley, MaryBeth McCurdy,Anita Naves, Associate Mary Ann Kneeland, Pat Poole and Margaret MacLean) Photo: Shelly Rinehart

H.E.R Dinner
The weaving “The Healing Heart” was gifted to Hestia House in Saint John at the  H.E.R Dinner on November 29th. ( Photo: Sisters Margaret Toner,Monica Plante, Mae Arsenault, MaryBeth McCurdy, Laura Hughes, Anita Holmes, Pat Poole)


The Healing Heart
“The Healing Heart “Weavers~Sr. Therese Kergoat and Sr. Ruth Monahan Back~ Sr. Margaret Toner and Andrea Butler(designer)


Sister Elizabeth Legere Endowment
A celebration in Carmel Chapel on October 4th, the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, announced the Endowment for an Emergency Fund at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB, in memory of the long-time and much-loved teacher, Sister Elizabeth Legere. Pictured with a photograph of Sister Elizabeth are Sister MaryBeth McCurdy (right) and Jodi Misheal(Vice-President, Advancement and Alumni Relations for St. Thomas University in Fredericton).


JPIC-Atlantic  2018
The Atlantic Fall assembly of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation(JPIC-CRC) was held at the Motherhouse of the NDSC’S in Moncton, NB from October 10-12.Congregational Justice Coordinators and Representatives shared their projects, advocacy initiatives and visioning. Topics of greatest concern were water, welcoming immigrants and refugees, relationships with First Nations and Care of the Earth and Creation. A Core Committee was set up to circulate pertinent materials and resources and keep connections between CRC Executive and  JPIC groups in Canada. Attending were: Pat Poole, MaryBeth McCurdy and Muriel Buckley.