Sisters of Charity

Sisters of Charity

of the

Immaculate Conception


Born 162 years ago, the SCIC story

continues to unfold in Canada and Peru.  

We are committed to reach out in ministry,

advocating with those who are suffering . . .

those living in poverty, while

caring for Earth and environment.

Sisters and Associates share the charism of Charity,

cherishing our founding and evolving

gift of God for life and mission.

Seeking to listen and respond faithfully and joyfully,

in the spirit of our foundress, Honoria Conway,

we proclaim, “Laus Deo!”  Praise be to God!

Together, with hope and gratitude, we participate

in God’s reign of compassion, justice, peace,

love of creation and wonder at the expanding universe.

Sisters of Charity, I.C. & Associates

welcome this Jubilee Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis.

We also rejoice in the pope’s encyclical on ecology.   

“Laudato Si’” honours God’s good but endangered creation,

bringing both joy and faithful responsibility.

To celebrate this vital ethical teaching,

we freely offer the song, “All Praise” by Sister Theresa Hucul.

Click here to hear the recorded song.  Slideshow created by Betty Fleet

with her original photos. Other photos courtesy of NASA.

To access the sheet music click here.

Kindly attribute this song to the composer and her religious community,

During this Jubilee Year, we also gratefully proclaim Sister Theresa’s refrain,

“Your mercy, your compassion my God is eternal, is eternal”

(“Transfiguring Love” from All Praise collection).

For more about Sister Theresa’s music collections and recordings,

please go to Creative Expression - Music.